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This is [personal profile] azi's personal original fiction community.

Much of the material here is liable to be altered, or written and uploaded outside of reading order. Everything contained within these chapters and excerpts (locations, characters, species, etc) are mine. As unlikely as it is, nothing here is to be copied and/or reposted elsewhere, thank you.
Sage Knowledge 66
"The Salikawood. Forested region in central Nabradia. A path strung between the thick-growing trees leads towards Archadia. However, many of the tree-bridges are covered with thick moss, and in advanced stages of decay. As transport by airship gained prominence, the land roads were abandoned. Now more beasts walk the woods than travelers. The forest is the domain of the Kingdom of Nabradia. Abandoned these two years since its fall, the number of fell beasts within its borders swells daily."
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